Web-viewer for medical imaging jsInvols - brief user manual.


The GUI is divided by 3 parts: studies panel (left), toolbar (right) and working space (middle). In order to view a series, click on its image on the studies panel.


Split working space into separate windows.
Reset image settings in the selected window.
Apply positive/negative to the image.
Flip image horizontally or vertically.
Rotate image by 90 degrees.
Setup realistic scale.
Show/hide image overlay.
Start cine mode - scrolling through the selected series images by timer.
Select preset for window/level values or enter these manually.
Start MPR+3D mode for the selected series (or switch back to 3D mode). Available for CT or MR modalities only.
Turn on/off series synchronization mode via 3D cursor position.
Left mouse button function: change window/level.
Left mouse button function: loupe - magnify a small image part under the mouse cursor.
Left mouse button function: pan image.
Left mouse button function: rotate image.
Left mouse button function: zoom image.
Left mouse button function: scroll through series images. In 3D mode - zoom in/out.
Measure distance.
Measure angle.
Measure densities inside ellipse: average, min, max, standard deviation and square.
Measure densities inside contour: average, min, max, standard deviation and square.
Cut volume inside contour. Can be used to remove unwanted details on 3D.
Delete all measurements in the selected window.

MPR+3D mode

In order to enter this mode you need to select the series and click button on the toolbar. Only series of CT and MR modalities are acceptable.

The series window splits into 4 parts - 3 MPR projections and 3d rendering image. Also new control elements appear in the series header:

Mouse and keyboard