version 3.3 for Win64 (20.41mb) (2016.07.03)

There is an example CT dataset (ct_head_256.raw 256x256x277 12-bit) in the archive which should be loaded properly.

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7; NVidia GeForce 8600 or higher;

DicomScanner 1.1 (21.65mb) (2016.07.03)

Invols here is supplemented with DicomScanner program that makes it easier to search for DICOM-series that can be visualized in 3D. It can also export suitable CT or MRI series to Invols.
see more about DicomScanner.

Additional test datasets in binary format

MANIX dataset (a CT scan)(86 Mb)
Size: 512,512,460 voxels
Spacing: 0.488, 0.488, 0.7 mm

MECANIX dataset (a CT scan)(230 Mb)
Size: 512,512,743 voxels
Spacing: 0.558,0.558,0.78 mm

CT scan of the brain vessels (99 Mb)
Size: 512,512,554 voxels
Spacing: 0.426,0.426,0.3 mm

CT scan of the lungs (157 Mb)
Size: 512,512,776 voxels
Spacing: 0.782,0.782,0.4 mm

CT scan of the articulation of knee (128 Mb)
Size: 512,512,691 voxels
Spacing: 0.907,0.907,0.3 mm

Dental dataset (61 Mb)
Size: 512,512,331 voxels
Spacing: 0.29,0.29,0.315733 mm

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