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Welcome to my personal page. Here you can find all my programming-related projects that I can share: student labs, small commercial projects and just made-for-fun stuff. They are sorted by year, below each project a list of technologies used.

"Chinese characters 2" game

HTML5, js, PHP

Working on jsInvols web-viewer: reading DICOM; export to STL-models; cut by contour in 3D.

html, js, WebGL2

MP3 files splitter.


Medical images web-view jsInvols

html, js, WebGL2

Game: programming robots

html, js

GPU-based computed tomography

OpenGL, GLSL, C++

Interactive dictation in Russian

php, js, html

Volume rendering in browser

WebGL2, js

Medical imaging web-service

HTML5, js, wxWidgets, OpenCL, C++, C#

Volume Rendering using OpenCL

OpenCL, C++

Volume Rendering of rgb-image

OpenGL, GLSL, C++, js

Using WebGL for mesh surfaces visualization

WebGL, js

Software utility to scan for DICOM files


"Chinese characters" game

HTML5, js, PHP

Volume rendering & MFC

OpenGL, GLSL, MFC, C++

RTS game on Unity3d


Medical & scientific data viewer InVols

OpenGL, GLSL, wxWidgets, C++

Huge volumetric data visualization

OpenGL, GLSL, C++

Casting shadows in volume rendering

OpenGL, GLSL, C++

Scientific 3D visualization in physics

OpenGL, wxWidgets, GLSL, C++

Volume Rendering using DirectX

DirectX, Delphi

Qt applications for Scientific Visualization

OpenGL, Qt, GLSL, C++

Visualization of the scalar field specified by computed tomography data

OpenGL, Qt, GLSL, C++

Visualization of a dynamic temperature field

OpenGL, Qt, GLSL, C++

Website for advertising company Liga-Lux


Mechanical arm

OpenGL, Qt, C++

Link mechanisms

OpenGL, Qt, C++

Diploma: Solving the problem of packing circles using genetic algorithms

OpenGL, Qt, C++

Coursework on Genetic Algorithms with Real Coding

OpenGL, MFC, C++

Real-time strategy (RTS)

OpenGL, OpenAL, C++

22 coursework on computer graphics

OpenGL, Qt, MFC, wxWidgets, C++

3D shooter

OpenGL, OpenAL, C++

Pacman game

OpenGL, C++

University labs

WinAPI, C++

Pascal programs

Turbo Pascal
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